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Optima Energy is in the business of keeping your property energy efficient.  We are your energy saving partner, here to help you protect your finances and the future.  With energy costs and global temperatures on the rise, we want to help you take the first easy step to counteract these changes.  One of the easiest and most efficient ways is with a simple lighting upgrade.  Let Optima Energy help you save energy, money and the environment.

Many utility companies pay anywhere from 40-65% of the costs associated with an energy efficient lighting upgrade made to your property.  Optima Energy, Inc. will conduct a comprehensive site audit and provide a detailed proposal that outlines the potential energy savings and return of investment (ROI) that will come with doing an upgrade.  These upgrades include T12 or T8 Lamp retrofits, LED Recessed Kits, LED Bulbs, Fixtures and many more.

Contact us today to find out what your utility company will pay for yours.