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Lighting Maintenance

Lighting Maintenance

We will be happy to meet with you at your property to give you a no-obligation, no-cost estimate.

Optima Energy, Inc. is an electrical contractor licensed in California.  We specialize in repair of lighting and electrical systems.

We are dedicated to quality workmanship on every lighting project we handle.  With cutting-edge equipment and a skillful, experienced lighting crew, we have what it takes to meet your lighting needs with higher standards of service and efficiency.

In order to maintain excellent quality and ensure that we exceed the expectations of all of our partners, Optima Energy, Inc. makes our partners priority by working through our BDA program.  This program focuses on the pre and post installation process of their energy saving devices and products.  We take great pride in working with our customers.

Exceptional service, innovative technology, technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge and experience makes Optima Energy, Inc. the ideal choice to become YOUR energy saving partner.

We serve all of Southern California and the surrounding areas and we are available 24/7.

We serve

Commercial Management Companies

Shopping Centers

Office Centers




Multifamily Management Companies

Home Owners Associations


Senior Housing Complexes

We specialize in

Lighting Maintenance, both interior and exterior

Electrical Repairs

New Installations

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Fixture Cleaning

Exterior Light Pole Inspections

Parking Lot Lighting

Emergency Lighting