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Want to know how you can take part in creating a greener future?

The mission

City Plant's mission is to create a greener future for the City of Los Angeles.  They partner with multiple non-profit organizations to plant trees throughout LA, promote green jobs, and advocate for a sustainable Los Angeles.

The vision

A city in which people in every neighborhood have equal access to trees and their benefits: clean air, energy efficiency, better health, cooling shade, and a friendlier, more vibrant neighborhood.

The work

City Plants provides free trees to LA residents, plants street trees in the City of LA, and educates and trains community members in maintaining and caring for their canopy.

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Mission statement

We want to help you direct your neighbors and customers towards a future that's more environmentally friendly, more sustainable, and more cost effective.  From city councils and neighborhood associations to non-profit organizations and low-income housing developments, we’re here to reach out, educate, and develop plans with everyone who wants a greener future.

Together, let's make the world a brighter place!